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5K Route Map


 For more detailed Half Marathon route with zoom capabilities visit on the USATF website!


To clarify some points of confusion on the route.

    *The course is the same as last year, but a quick walk through of the route...

    *It will loop down to Belair Beach and turn left around Pheasant Drive, looping back all the way to King's Pointe. Following the sidewalk behind the resort, runners will continue on the path up to Chataqua Park. At Chataqua Park runners will take the road turning left just before the condos to follow along the shore of the lake behind Chataqua. After Chataqua they will continue on the bike path up and around BVU. Turning on Angier Dr. and then 5th for a moment before cutting back onto the loop of Vista Dr. Vista will turn into the bike path at Frank Starr, where runners will take the straight path on the way out to Emerald Park. After crossing the bridge into Emerald, runners take the y to the right and then turn left onto Alvin Rd. and then Pierce Rd. circling back towards Frank Starr Park. Upon returning to Frank Starr Park, runners take the loop along the shore of the lake and retrace their steps back to Lakeshore Dr. On their return to King's Pointe, runners will take the sidewalk on the front side of Chataqua Park before finishing in the parking lot of the King's Pointe Playground.


**Please note that these are crude measurements on the site and so while the course is quite accurate, the distance measurement on the USATF is not. :)