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Can I use a stroller or push a wheelchair?

Yes! Please use courtesy and begin behind runners without strollers or wheelchairs. Common sense is always appreciated, keep yourself and your rider safe at all times! All participants must register. Riders under 5 years of age do not have to register but must have a waiver. Please notify registration staff that you have a rider and need a waiver for them. If your rider is your motivation for fundraising for this event, please let us know so we can recognize them in a special way!

Can I walk the half marathon?

Yes! However, we require participants to finish the event in four hours.

Can I run/walk with my dog?

No! We love canines but please don't run the race with your four-legged friend or bring your friend to the finish area.

Can I cheer for my favorite runners along the course?

Absolutely! Please encourage your friends and family members with signs and cheers. Take a look at the course map. The course follows the LakeTrail which flows through Storm Lake's beautiful parks and offers plenty of shelters and shade.

How does the half-marathon relay work?

Half-marathon relay teams consist of two runners. The first runner starts the race and runs 6.1 miles at which point the runner's partner continues the course and runs the remaining seven miles. The running partners will exchange bracelets at the 6.1 mile mark. Transportation is provided for the runners to get to and from the exchange points.

Can I use my mp3 player while I run the race?